Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paint With Me Thursday: Nature

Simply Feather

Okay, at the risk of sounding like a total nerd, I am totally in love with Simply Feather's Paint With Me Thursdays. It's like the icing on super delicious cupcake because let's face it, Thursday is the best day of the week. 

for realsies. 

I know many of you disagree and say Nikki are you nuts? Friday is totally the best day of the week. I disagree. Thursday are the best. Well Thursday nights are the best. 

Stefan and Damon Salvatore
Sam and Dean Winchester
McDreamy and McSteamy
the drama that is Private Practice
the adorable Aussie turned "psychic" turned CBI profiler, Simon Baker aka Patrick Jane aka The Mentalist.

Yeah, my poor DVR DESPISES Thursday nights because that's the one night of the week it works like a 

Anywhooo..back to Paint With Me Thursdays...
I like to write, in fact I write a lot. Its an escape...most of the time. Sometimes its a pain because I'm fresh out of ideas. A while back I bought an art book that I dubbed my idea book. When I get stuck with a chapter or plot or character I doodle and draw random things, sometimes they are associated with my story, others, they are just for fun. 

But lately I have been doing more doodling, and it helps with writing. Or at least I think so. But that's neither here nor there.

So now I'll quit yapping and get to the point of this here post. :)

This week's topic or subject, whatever you will call it is cool with me, was nature. I have a vase of sunflowers on my mantle that were the inspiration for my "drawing" this week.

So that's how nature inspired me this week. Maybe I'll sit outside and let nature inspire me some more!

To see more art click me! click me!


  1. Okay, who are the first four names? McDreamy and McSteamy don't do anything for me. I don't watch Private Practice. But, Simon Baker is just delicious. I want to run my fingers through his wavy hair. (Sorry, too much information)
    Good luck with the screenplay idea. Doodling/drawing helps, but for me, all my best ideas seem to come while I'm driving. Maybe you need to go for a drive?

  2. thursday nights for me consist of celebrity rehab and housewives of new york city. i know, trashy and dramatic. just the way i like my tv.

    your writing is fantastic. i love your backstory here. your drawing is great. i love the petalicious flowers and the leaves at the top. i love hearing that this is inspiring to you. keep going!

  3. So fun to see how people express themselves. Can't wait to see what you keep coming up with :)

  4. Love your flowers!! If it makes you feel better, I think my Tivo is smoking by the end of Thursday nights! ;D

  5. I love your flowers - so soft and pretty. Glad your drawing and doodling these days.



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