Sunday, October 10, 2010

thinking about today, fantasizing about Jared Padalecki's abs and loving Harry Potter

Have you ever had one of those days where all you can do is think about the thing that ruined your day?  I'm having a day like that. It started off just like every other day. Wake up, shower, blow dry and straighten my hair, get dressed, go to work.

I stopped, put gas in my car then headed toward the interstate to go to work. Everything was fine and dandy, I made it over the bridge, rocking out to Glee, then once on the other side, my car starts, well, fishtailing. I figure - at first- flat tire, but no, it feels like it did before, when the tire fell off the car.  I pull over and get out of the car, heading around the back to check the tire.

Imagine my surprise when I see that not only is the tire fine, the lug nuts are firmly attached and it is in no danger of falling over. I get back in and pull back onto the highway. this time the shaking is worse, so much so, that it is pushing and pulling me into oncoming traffic. I pull back over and call Steve - practically in tears -  and beg him to come out there and help me.

So he does - much to his chagrin. Well, come to find out, the lug nuts on the front tires were loose, three of the four on the drivers side were barely even attached. So anyway, he takes care of the lug nut situation, and sends me off.

Once again, it starts shaking. I go about three miles down the road so that I can turn around and meet Steve so we can swap cars. 

So, what happened? My back brakes locked up on me and were the cause of me fishtailing. How great is that? For no reason, my brakes lock, my lug nuts refuse to stay on the car and god only knows what other issues we have going on under the hood of my car.

So, tomorrow, Steve and our mechanic neighbor - Scott, are going to attempt to fix it...hopefully they can and I can go back to driving the death trap. I swear the car is trying to kill me. Seriously.

So, that being my morning...I came home and watched yesterday's episode of Supernatural...where Jared Padalecki's abs made my crappy day oh so worth it.

oh jeez and don;t forget that sexy, hey check out what I point at, v thingy he's got going on. So go on...admire that for a little while

I'm off to lounge on the couch and watch Drag Me to Hell...peace out cub scout

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