Coffee and Cigarettes - Weekly Writing Prompts

Two weeks ago, a group on Cafemom posted a writing prompt to write a story with the first line being a line from your favorite song. Interested in the characters, I've decided to continue the story each week to see what happens. So far, we have Leah and Gabe, two heartbroken individuals from Seattle who both end up in a tiny (fictional) town on the coast of Oregon. Leah's significant other leaves her for her cousin after a six year relationship. Gabe finds himself explaining to the guests of his wedding why there won't be a wedding after his fiancee calls it off just hours before they were set to exchange their vows.

It's a typical lovestory, just with a few broken hearts that need mending a twist or turn here and there. Coffee & Cigarettes is my favorite kind of story to write; everyone has had their heart broken at least once, everyone knows what its like to lie in the dark and wish for things to change, everyone knows what its like to fall in love again.

Check back each week and follow Leah and Gabe's story.


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