Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paint With Me Thursday: Black & White

Simply Feather

Howdy doodle,'s Thursday again. 

Woo Hoo! (I know, right?)

Over at Simply Feather, the theme this week was black and white. If I'm being honest (which I am) I struggled with this one for a bit. I was like, hmm black and white, like only a black and white picture..or what? 

So I did what I normally do when I'm stumped. 

I Google. 

Yes..I said it. I almost sounds like a dirty something you'd do alone, locked in the bathroom with the lights out, crouched over your laptop perilously pecking at the keys - g...o...o...g...l...e... all the while your husband is beating at the bathroom door yelling, "Hun, are you alright? What are you doing in there?"

Then you glance at the door furtively and whisper, "Go away, I'm....Googling."

*Pause to reflect on my goofiness and the fact that I just made Googling sound like a dirty word*

Okay, moving on and back to the art. Google didn't really I kind of just winged it..normally winging it works...I start with something mundane, just the pen or pencil moving over the paper and then the ideas really start flowing. This is what I started with:

Just because it was raining and I was inspired...but it wasn't really working for me so I did this:

I had no idea what to do with I turned to my trusty friend Photoshop and whipped this out:

What I was aiming for in the first picture...different words that are associated with the colors black and white...but it still wasn't right. I spent the earlier part of the day painting random flowers and I ruined a sheet of the paper I use..I didn't want to toss it so I reused it and did this:

 "In a world of black and white you were a brilliant shade of red."

It's seven shades of ugly, yes I know...but it felt...right. So again I turned to Photoshop and this is what I came up with:

"My life was cut and dry, black and white. I knew who I was, where I was going. Then I met you. In a world of black and white you were a brilliant shade of red."

This is a line from a story I'm was inspired by a black and white photo of the woods and smack in the center of the photo is a brilliantly red balloon. I saw it and that line, "In a world of black and white, you were a brilliant shade of red," just popped into my head. 

To credit the person who drew the people..I'm sorry dude, someone had this image on photobucket and I used it. It's not mine, I am in no way that creative so kudos to whomever drew it. You are a rock star. 

So there you have...I have thrown my scary art at you, I have thrown my lamespice sense of humor at you and probably bored you to tears with my nonsensical rambling. :) My mission here is complete. (lol)

To see more art please visit Simply Feather and check out some of the wonderful art these women (and men?) come up with each week. I am truly in awe of the talent...I think I'm going to hunt down the talent fairy and steal a sprinkle or ten of talent

Til next week!

*Quick note: the font used in the Black and White with the brackets is called Pea Jamie*B* and you can find it here

The font in the "World of black and white" piece is called Joe Hand 2 and you can find it here


  1. I just love seeing the progression of the creative process. It is really interesting. I really like all the things you did here but the final product turned out great!

  2. Okay, first, I really like the idea of using the words that Black & White are associated with, and the font is really cool you used. What is it?

    I LOVE the line "In a world of black and white, you were a brilliant shade of red", and what you did with it. I think you did a great job experimenting with the theme, even though you might have been stuck at first!

  3. you were a brilliant shade of red...that is a great line. i love how you photoshopped it all up. i'm always drawn to art with words, so i love the one with all the words you associate with black and white. great creative process, and you're funny!

  4. You made me laugh as I was reading through the googling part. I love to google (don't tell). Then the display of your ideas and how you developed them was truly wonderful. I like them all, but I think your last image is brilliant, literally and figuratively. I love it.



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