Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am still painting flowers for you....

I was perusing the Internet shades of bored out of my skull, trying to find inspiration for a mother's day card for my Mom because money is a bit tight right now (that's the craptastic thing about living in Florida in the summer..the electric bill is almost as much as my rent..) and I thought that maybe painting something to send to her would be better than not sending anything at all. My mom and I were at odds for such a long time but now we seem to be really coming into our own. Our relationship has changed so much and I feel like my mom is more like  my equal rather than my mother. I mean, she will always be my mom, she'll always be the one I call when I need advice or a quick reality check, but I'm not so afraid of her anymore. I feel like I can talk to her like I could talk to one of my friends. I don't know if that makes sense...the bottom line is we get a long much better now than we did say five years ago.

So, anyway. Sitting here yesterday I brought out my watercolor pencils and sharpened them up and went to town, just me, my music and my ideas. As I've stated before, I'm very creative, just not very artistic. I can write (fiction), knit, crochet, sew and craft my butt off..but when it comes to drawing or painting..I'm like a little kid..very unrefined in my attempts.

Regardless, its still fun to do because I am still expressing myself. So, I painted flowers yesterday...lots and lots of flowers..but only because I kept messing them

Here are some of my flowers:

 First attempt...downright scary

Second attempt:

I left my common sense in the jar above the fridge when I tried to paint the white part of the paper the same blue as the flowers...

Third times a charm

didn't exactly turn out as nice as I'd have liked, but it's what i was going I can't complain

So that's it.
Don't forget Mother's Day is this your mom and tell her you love her..

(and the "I am still painting flowers for you is from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack titled Almost Alice and the song is called Painting Flowers by All Time can listen below if that tickles your fancy :)

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