Monday, July 26, 2010

is football season here yet?

Nope..not yet, but soon, my friends..very soon...

In case you missed it, Nikki LOVES football...yes, its so serious I just referred to myself in the third person. My husband and I both root for Florida teams (duh, it would be a crime not too, because, duh, we live in Florida).

However, we root for different teams. Since he is originally from Tampa, he roots for the Buccaneers (booo!) and since I'm from VA and we didn't have a pro team, so when I moved to Florida, I adopted the Jags as my favorite team. lol.

I was telling Steve today that I need to make a blanket to put over the back seat of my car to show my Jaguar pride. He made a stinky face that sort of said, "Woman, you do that and I will never drive/ride in your car again." I laughed and told him not to worry, I would make one for his Jeep in Bucs colors. He was like, oh, okay then.

I told him that we needed to get those "house divided" bumper stickers. I've seen them for Florida/Georgia fans, because, yep, it's that serious, but never for other, pro teams. So tonight, I flexed my handy, dandy googling and photoshop skillz (and yes, skillz with a 'z' cuz I'm that awesome, lol) and made my own. I'm going to order two. One for his car, and one for mine.

And it's kind of funny, I'm totally anti-bumper sticker, but for this, I would totally slap a house divided sticker on Celia's (my car) rear end.

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