Friday, May 22, 2009

Taking a break

It's been raining for five days...I've seen the sun once; yesterday for about seven minutes..then it started to rain again...I live in North Florida for crying out loud..and its May...the other day, Monday, I took my daughter to school..the high that day was 67 May, in Florida..normally by this time of year its slowly creeping toward the 90's...I'm slowly going mad...I doubt I will ever get the irritating, ting, ting, ting the rain makes as it hits the chimney, out of my head..I have tried writing Between You and I..but my characters have taken a I took a break from writing that and decided to take on something called FanFic...basically you take the characters from your favorite book or show and you write the I am doing that for a while..hoping that it helps 1)Improve my writing, and 2) gives me some new perspective on Between You and if you like Twilight..and like reading something completely crazy and off the wall you should check it out :)

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