Friday, September 11, 2009

Twilight eat your heart out!

Okay first, let me say, if you did NOT watch this last night, leave now and go shoot yourself in the foot.


My point: this show totally rocked my socks!

Stefan was dark and mysterious, Elena was so much cooler than whiny Bella and the creepy fellow behind Elena was totes creeptastic and like RAWR! I will kick your ass Stefan...that wasn't too cool but whatev...sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose...take it and roll with it...

Lots of peeps are saying that its so much different than the books...maybe it is....I dunno. Why you ask?

Because I haven't read the books I plan to? Absolutely. But I like to wait until the first season is over before I read the books.

I did the same thing with True Blood. I watched the first season then delved into the novels like a kid let loose in a candy store after hours. I like the show (True Blood) better than the books.

Who knows if I will say the same thing about The Vampire Diaries, but as for the show; it looks promising. One epi in and I'm doesn't hurt that Stefan is hot

The reason I drug my soapbox out is because of this. A lot of people are saying that Twilight is better or that I say "Psht!"

If I had to choose between Stefan Salvatore or Edward Cullen; Stefan would OWN Edward...because seriously...Stefan kicked so much ass last yeah..Twilight eat your freaking heart out...there's a new vamp in town...

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