Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Um, hi!

I am a huge football fan...and I mean for reals football fan (I even understand the u like me now?)

My friends Tracy and Sam are huge hockey fans....which is cool...I can dig it...I said if there were hot dudes beating eaching other up with sticks I could be persuaded to watch me some hockey...bring on the hotties..

a few not so hotties later, Tracy shows me him

ooh hold on a second...

what's that i hear?
another hockey fairy just got her wings

looks like my job here is done

Tracy..this ones for you!

Rick make me have happy dreams
and nothing is better than a happy dreams nikki

1 comment:

  1. Oh my god....Nikki, you're absolutely insane and I love you. Now you can cheer on the Islanders while I cheer on the Pens. I actually like the Islanders, right after the Pens.

    Woot! .... Total Hockey Take Over



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