Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Day of Doodles

Simply Feather

I'm no artists, I like to write, but sometimes the mood strikes and I pick up a pencil and doodle...

(the words on the doodle are from The All American Rejects song It Ends Tonight. The phrase on the left says, "when darkness turns to light it ends tonight," and on the right it says, "a falling star, least I fall alone." No copyright infringement is intended, I just love your song, AAR :)

check out some of the other fabulous doodles here:
Simply Feather
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  1. I like your doodles! They are almost like story starters. I think my favorite has the hills and the house, the flower and star (this may be because I also really like words mixed in to doodles), but the raincloud and umbrella over the road is cool too.

  2. i am a big fan of all american rejects. i have that song in my head now, thankyouverymuch! i don't know how i missed you last week. but thanks for joining us! i hope you come back this week.



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