Friday, April 2, 2010

Script Frenzy - take 2

Originally I started out with the Fall of the Fairytale idea which is a good idea (at least I think so) but maybe not for a script. I started writing my script yesterday, the script for Fall of the Fairtytale, but as I sat in front of my computer trying to write a story I knew nothing about I saved the one page I had written and closed it.

Then I abandoned my computer for a few hours trying to figure out what to do. Should I keep going with Fall, or should I try a different idea (you know one of the thousands floating around in my head). I cleaned out the blow-up pool and filled it up for my daughter and started thinking.

Back in November I participated in something called NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) where you write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November. I wrote a novel called Full Circle (it way went over the 50,000 limit, its currently 133,593 and there are still two more chapters to be written), its the story of these three teenagers - Cate, Ryan, and Jackson, who went to high school together and all three wind up going to different colleges in Florida.

The characters Ryan and Cate are dating, they'd been dating since high school and while they are in college they grow apart and Cate and Jackson (Jack for short) start getting closer, then one thing leads to another and they wind up having a one night stand and Ryan finds out (he walks in and sees them in bed together) and Cate and Ryan break up.

Flash forward a few months later Cate is pregnant, she and Jack basically move intogether (they dated in high school for a little while but have been close friends since, add to that the fact that Jack is in love with Cate)..anywhoo..the story goes from there to follow Cate and Jack as they fall in love and raise the baby. Somethings happen and it gets downright depressing, then it gets I don't want to give it all away right out of the gate..

So, I decided that since it's a story that is mostly finished it would be a good idea to write a script based off that. It provides a backbone for the script, characters, setting, plot...all those really great things you need to make a movie.

Not only that but the story takes place over the span of ten years and in the novel version one chapter will end and the new one begins six months, even a year later. So we'll see. I started writing the script for Full Circle last night and worte three pages. I would've written more but I was exhausted, lol...staying up until well after midnight writing will do that to a person. So today I'm going to dive back in and really sink my teeth into it.

So yay! I have an idea and I have a start. Now I just have to finish!

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