Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Normally, I'm so busy doing nothing that my crochet and knitting projects usually go undone until I get really bored or my daughter starts to harass me about a project I promised to do for her and never finished. But I recently had a week off of school and lots of time to finish some of my works in project, but not all of them..just a few.

First is a scarf that I started in March when I went to Virginia to see my parents. It was supposed to be for my sister, but since she claims I am "dead to her" I decided that I would finish it and send it to my mom so she could give it to one of her patients. My mom works for a gynecological oncologist (she deals with women who have various kinds of cancer...my mom is an angel in scrubs and I admire her for her strength. I could never do that). Well, I never got a chance to finish it up there, so I finished it at home. It's super soft and I thought it would be a nice gift for someone struggling with cancer. I finished it and just need to send it back to my mom.

I bought this yarn the other day because it was pretty and matched my bathroom...lol. My husband groaned when I pulled yet another skein of Sugar'n Cream yarn out of a walmart bag.

You see I have a lot of Sugar'n Cream yarn. As a matter of fact I have a whole bag full of it and I forget to use it..lol.

This is another one...I bought the yarn because I thought Bree would like the colors. Of course she didn't..but the other night Steve and I watched Orphan and I thought it would suck so I started knitting (because I'm so talented like that...I can knit AND watch TV at the same time..lol).I found the pattern for this cloth here. For the first cloth I modified the pattern, knitting three stitches before yarning over, but its the similar concept.

The other day I got bored and wanted to make a bag. It's been on my 'to-do' list for a while. I use Bree as my guinea pig...you see, she has a bag fetish, she loves purses and has a ton of them. I was looking for bag patterns the other day and Bree saw this one (from the Lion Brand Yarn site here) So I sat down the other day and started making it for her. I just finished it this afternoon and I have to admit, it looks adorable. I think I might need to make one for myself..lol..

and here's the last one. It's a blanket...well it will be when it's done. Its for Bree (naturally) because I made one for her for Christmas that was so small its more fitting for her dolls then for her. That and I am trying to use up a lot of my stash of yarn that I dislike...i.e. the camo yarn that Bree picked out over the winter. It's a row of white yarn, a row of camo, a row of this hideous pink, a row of camo, repeat. lol.

So that's what's new with my WIP's. What are you working on?

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