Tuesday, May 4, 2010

la la la this is me...

So I was looking at my blog the other day and I realized that I haven't been blogging as much as I did...well there's a pretty good reason for it (I promise..there really is)...life has gotten complicated...plain and simple. I've been looking for a job these last few weeks, which in this economy is really stressful..thankfully I found one and start on Friday. I will be working for Olan Mills which is a portrait studio (woot woot) and I'm very excited because it seems like it will be a great job and possibly career.

Aside from that I finished Script Frenzy, finished Full Circle and have been steady on course to finish Unattached. I started overhauling Full Circle the other day and have a deadline - it must be finished and ready to submit by October 1st.

In other news, I'm on a mission to complete the crochet dude's chic on the half-shell purse (which is so not going well). I have two classes left until I complete my degree, and the Breesy Monster gets out of school in a little less than a month.

My sunflowers are blooming wonderfully, if it wasn't almost 100 degrees outside (and no I'm not exaggerating...okay well maybe just a little..yesterday the temp got up to 91 and it felt like 101) I'd take some pics.

So that's about it for me...life is hot, the sun is yellow and God is awesome...have a great week!

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