Monday, May 31, 2010

Tunes I Heart This Week

This week I'm going to do something a little unconventional. I have been working like a dog...for serious..I feel like I live in the portrait studio...and because I feel like, hunting down new tunes has proved to be difficult this week...but there have been some favorites of mine that I haven't told you about because.....(wait for it) they're classical.

Well not really. Last year I discovered, well, I guess I should start at the beginning. I was making a playlist for myspace I think, anyway, I was surfing, looking for New American Classic by Taking Back Sunday. That song came out in like 2002 but to me its a classic..I love it. Well, while looking for that, I found a strictly instrumental piece...sorta like the muzac version of the song. Then a friend of mine told me that actually, it was a string quartet that does tributes to various bands.

Well wooty hoo. I was seven kinds of stoked, so I googled my happy butt off and found that they did a whole bunch of my favorite songs (and made some of my not so favorite songs sound way awesome.) So here we top ten favorites that have been...if you will...strung out...

10.  Somebody To Love - Originally by Queen this song is makes me want to throw up in my mouth. I have no idea's just one of those songs that I find revolting...however, when I heard the strung out version I actually really liked it. It's not very different..but it's better.

9. Love Remains The Same - Originally by Gavin Rossdale this one is just as sweet with Gavin singing it or not...I think the strung out version is the kind of thing you hear and you picture newlyweds dancing at their wedding or something just as

8. Teardrop - Originally by Massive Attack, I heard this on a show my husband watches - House, they use part of the song as the shows theme song, when they do the credits and stuff like that. I googled it because I liked it so much then I heard it and realized there's some chick singing and ruining the song...I like this version because chickie isn't singing...don't get me wrong it's no where as bad ass as the original but it's something you can easily relax to.

7. The Nearness of You - Originally by Norah'd think this song couldn't get any better...oh wait, it just did. thank you that is all.

6. Closer - Originally by Nine Inch Nails...this is the kind of song you play in the middle of the day when you are at home alone perfecting your stripper routine...srsly..either that or you are having hateful, dirty, disgusting sex...even thinking about the lyrics to this song I want to take another's why I like this dirty lyrics..

5. Smells Like Teen Spirit - I shouldn't even have to tell you who actually sings this..but if you're somehow deprived of pop culture for the last 20 something years, that would be please leave if you don't know who Nirvana is. For those who stayed...this is where are awesome as the real deal, but definitely good for an some classical-orchestra type of stuff.

4. Somewhere I Belong - Originally by Linkin Park this whole tribute is awesome...I loved Linkin Park when they first came out (and then sold out, but whatever)...this one (in my opinion) is a definite must check out.

3. Hey Jude - Again, if I have to tell you who sings this please go crawl back under your rock. But in case you'd like to know before you go that would be The Beatles. Hey Jude, The Beatles, Strung Out, 'nuff said.

2. Here Without You - Originally by Three Doors Down, I didn't recognize this at I actually had to google to see if it really was the Three Doors Down song. I love that song, but I love the strung out version more.

1. New American Classic - Originally by Taking Back Sunday, they made an awesome song equally as awesome. I can tell you all about it but at the end of the day you'll never get it unless you listen for yourself.

And just to add on, if classical is your thing check out a guy by the name of Yiruma....he is mainly piano, but very good. My three favorites of his are: Kiss the Rain (Preferably the strings version), Time Forgets, and River Flows in You. And if that's still not enough, check out the New Moon score (NOT the soundtrack) Alexandre Desplat is one talented dude. My favorite tracks on there are: 1 - New Moon, 3 - Romeo and Juliet (my all time fav), 6 - Edward Leaves, 13 - Almost a Kiss, and 21 - Full New Moon & Full Moon sound the same, but they aren't...I promise. that I've totally let my inner nerd hang out, I better shove her back in the I hope you find some tunage you like!

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