Monday, June 7, 2010

Ten Months & Two Days

And for some reason it really never seems like it ever gets any easier. 

I forget and then I remember...then I forget again...

then it all comes crashing back with stunning speed and clarity that it literally takes my breath away
and I wind up missing you all over again.
Perfect example...tonight Bree was "texting" on my old phone and she handed it to me so I could text and I started pushing random numbers and your phone number popped up..just like that. It was like : J and your (well your mom's I think) old number and part of me wanted to call it just to see if you would answer.
I knew you wouldn't but I still wanted to.
And just like that I remembered all over again. 

I saw this and thought of you...
and just like Harry misses Sirius I miss you...
and yes, you have permission to laugh at my lame ass-ed-ness...I just compared you to a Harry Potter novel.
(but I love I guess it could be worse.)

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