Sunday, July 11, 2010

Memories & Granny Squares

During lunch today at work, I was talking to Daisy, one of the women who works for Belk. She saw me crocheting and asked what I was making and we shared a laugh about how all her life she's tried to make a granny square and she's never been able to (she's an older woman, in her late 60's.) We were talking about how her husband would chastise her because they would have company and she would crochet and participate in the conversations.

Then she told me about how, after her husband passed away, she wrote him a letter everyday for six months because she missed him that much. As she started telling me this, I started to tear up because her story was just so achingly...heartbreaking. I mean, to be married to a man for as long as she was and then to lose him like broke my heart. I started crying, well tearing up. When she told me about how she cried everyday for a year before she finally went back to work, I started really bawling.

It was one of those things that really make you think...think about the future and what the future will inevitably hold for you.

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