Wednesday, July 14, 2010

three things

good that happened today:

I realized that some people have real having a daughter that almost didn't live long enough to see her first birthday. kate and natasha, you have changed my life forever. thank you.

Boyce Avenue is the best band ever (well at least this week). for reals. check out their covers of these songs: disturbia, ice box, beautiful girls, the freshman, and yeah, pretty much any of their covers..their original songs are pretty darn awesome too..

maybe i was meant to be a photographer after all...a woman told me today that i should open my own studio because I would make a killing. when i asked her why she said, "you're good at your job, you're good with kids and my daughter likes you. I'd pay you to take her pictures all the time. do you have a personal card?"

for the first time since i started my job, i seriously considered opening my own studio...for about five seconds then decided i don't know enough about photography to do that..yet. 

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