Saturday, July 3, 2010

today was....

decidedly not as scary as it pretended to be...the only sucky thing is that the weather was goregous and i was stuck at work

but right now i am drinking coca cola out of a snapple bottle, listening to britt nicole, and writing

yes writing.

i tried to stop but im like an addict...once i tried to stop it turned back on and now there are like these six songs that remind me of the story...

* Me, Myself, & I - Hanson (yeah, they're still around and yeah i listen to their music)
* Use Me Up - Hanson
*I'm Still Alive - Saving Abel
*Angel Without Wings - Saving Abel
*On Your Own - Green River Ordinance (inspiration for the story and an AMAZING song)
*One Step Up - Bruce Springsteen
*Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen

sorry, that was

anyways...tomorrow is the 4th of July...woo hoo..fireworks and bbq's...nikki is excited. have a safe and happy holiday!!!

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