Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There was this little echo

that travelled across the universe and broke itself upon my ear. it wept and screamed for the life that it had lost, it cried for all the times it would not get back. she pounded herself bloody, fists upon the pavement, screaming herself hoarse, pleading with the gods to return you to her arms - the one true safe place left in the world for you.

the gods did not comply, instead they turned a blind eye to her pain, condemning her to search her soul for her life's missing piece. so she searched, she walked until her feet were two numb appendages attached to the end of her legs. she walked until she forgot what she was looking for. she walked because she felt compelled to do so.

i watched her strife, watched her forget, watched her search with my own eye. i felt my heart break in tune with her, i have related to her struggle. i have felt compelled. i have missed you, i have longed to talk to you, to see your face, to curse the heavens for taking you away. i have screamed inside my head, i have cried a river of tears, bled my emotions into the ocean


today was a strange day to live through. some days i am completely satisfied with the things that have happened, well, perhaps not completely satisfied, but i can take it in stride. today, however, was difficult. i started crying in the middle of a sitting and had to leave the room so i could get it together. i stood in the back between clients and cried. all for no reason. i'm sure there's a reason for why i was bummed today, but i was. i was completely bummed and i hate feel this way. even my cd of disgusting peppy pop songs didn't cheer me up...

i think i need to relax and sleep..tomorrow will be a better day.

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