Wednesday, January 5, 2011

tunes i heart...the january edition

well its been a long month since i've updated this. with the holidays and work, i have not had time to scour the internet like a music hungry troll.

but.....since its now january, i have loads to time to do nothing. lol. and i mean that in the nicest possibly way. doing nothing - especially when you've been on the go for over 30 straight days if fab-u-lous!

Now onto the tunes:

"Summer Again" by The Afters

"Closer" by Burn Season

"You Had Me At Hello" by A Day To Remember

"Last One Standing" by Hot Chelle Rae
I am TOTALLY crushing on this is 

"Iridescent" by Linkin Park

"Every Road" by The Maine
This is another band I'm crushing on...I don't know where
they came from, or what not, but they are amazing!

"Saving Grace" by The Maine

"Into Your Arms" by The Maine

"What I've Done" by Marie Digby 
(Originally by Linkin Park)

"Like We Used To" by A Rocket To The Moon
Again random band and song
I am totally loooving right now

"While The Candle Still Burns" by Thriving Ivory

"On Your Side" by Thriving Ivory

and there you have it. new tunes to start the new year with. 

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