Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stop leaving your kids in the goddamned car

This is a rant...feel free to run away screaming at any point.

That being said, here we go.

I work at the mall and you would not (Literally would not) believe some of the crap I see on a daily basis. Last Saturday I went outside to catch some sun while on a quick break. One of the managers of the store I work in comes up to myself and one of my co-workers and basically starts grilling us about one of our customers.

I'm all like hold the hell up lady, I don't know what the hell you're talking about. She explains there have been several customer complaints of kids unattended in a car in the lot. I tell her I don't know anything about that and go about my business.

While I'm outside, there is a gold caddy in plain view, the windows tinted, the engine running. You can see shadows bouncing around in the back seat, the window rolls down and a tiny face peeks out smiling. Said manager comes out on her walkie talkie and approaches the car. Granted, she is a grandma looking lady (older, friendly face, etc) these kids roll the window down and start talking to her.

They tell her that their dad went inside to see if they could get their pictures made (PEOPLE! Please stop saying that. I am not making a picture of you...I'm not drawing you or painting you...that statement is so damned country it irks the fucking shit out of me. You are having a picture TAKEN!!! ranty post,..I warned you) so anywhoo...

Another manager comes out, the cops show up...and nothing happens because Dad comes strolling out and the car was running with the a/c on. Never mind the fact that he left his five and seven year old inside unattended. I'm shaking my head so hard right now it ain't even funny.

Fast forward to tonight. I popped into walmart for coffee (cause who can legitly function without that stuff?!?! Can I get a high five?!) and as I'm getting out of the car this woman and her daughter (who was no older than 10) get into the car next to me. The engine is running, the windows rolled up. As the daughter opens the door, a baby is SHRIEKING in the middle of the backseat. The baby was probably around Cailyn's age (a year or so, it was in a forward facing car seat) and there was no one else in the car.

This crazy bitch left her baby in the car alone, in the walmart parking lot.


I cannot wrap my head around that. I cannot for one second, even think that its a good idea to leave Cailyn alone in the car, running or otherwise.

She's a baby, people are crazy and I'm rather attached to Netflix and my freedom. How can anyone think that is a good idea!??!

Is this a new trend?

Last summer all we heard about were parents leaving their kids in the car to basically in Florida, they passed a law basically saying that if someone leaves their kids in the car and a bystander sees it they can legally bust the window out to save the child.

Have these parents decided that this summer they'll leave them in the car..and instead of baking them, they'll let any crazy person steal not only their car, but their child as well?!?!

I guess so. And it makes me sick as fuck...I have Bree, who will be 14 this year. My husband and I tried in a we're really not trying kind of way, to have another kid. It took nine damn years before I finally got pregnant with Cailyn. I have a co-worker who is due in a few weeks with her second child, her oldest is nine and she's had several miscarriages while trying for a second child. I read a story the other day about this couple who has tried soooo many things to have a baby and all they've been met with is devastation and disappointment. So many people can't have kids or have a super hard time conceiving...shit like this makes me sick to my stomach. I mean, how can your "God" make the good people struggle and give these undeserving assholes kids?

I can't fathom it...I truly cannot.

So yeah...stop leaving your kids in the goddamn car..if you don't want to be a parent, there are plenty of us who will take them..

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