Sunday, August 2, 2009

Disney Movies

This week in school we are talking about things people see and hear on tv, radio and internet and how we let them affect our lives. For example, the increased sexuality and sexual innuendos on tv have increased the amount of teenagers having sex and getting pregnant.

Another topic was that the violence in video games leads to an increase in violence in children. Of course, being the overly opinionated pain in the ass I am, let's just say its like I am in heaven this week.

And quite naturally I don't believe either of those examples. Mostly because teenagers are know it all pains in the asses and the fact that a child is exposed to a hell of a lot more violence before they are old enough to play video games.

Now I know you're probably sitting there going, well I monitor the games my kids play as well as the shows they watch and I am sure many of you do. But of course, I have some food for thought for you to snack on.

How many of you let your kids watch Disney movies?

I do.

But here's the thing. Stop thinking like a parent for five seconds, and look PAST the Disney logo, okay.

Now let's think critically for like, ten seconds. Ready?

Here we go.

The Lion King. Have you seen it?

How is this movie NOT violent. Scar is trying to MURDER his brother so he can be king of the jungle. How is that a good thing for kids to see? Would you want little Sammy organizing a gang shoot out to kill his brother so he can be mommy and daddy's favorite son? I think not, and yet we allow our kids to watch it wihtout a second thought.

Snow White. What about this one? let your kids watch this? The step-MOTHER wants the woodsman to CUT OUT SNOW WHITE'S HEART!!!!! And that's okay?!?!?!

Dumbo. Classic right?

The mouse, Timothy, gets DRUNK!!!! and we are supposed to teach our kids that drinking is a grown up thing, when a mouse and his baby elephant are getting toasted??!?!?!?!

Alice in Wonderland. Who hasn't seen it?

The Queen of Hearts is running around the entire movie screaming "Off with her head!"

Finding Nemo. Not my favorite, but roll with it.

Nemo's brother and sisters and mother are all violently a scary looking fish..granted kids don't see it, its greatly implied in the fact that one minute mommy's and five hundred or so babies are there and then poof they're gone.

And, okay, not every Disney movie is uber violent, but most are and we just sit back and let our kids watch them without a care in the world.

So maybe its not the video games we should be worried about after all?

Thoughts, opinions? Please be nice, this isn't bashing anyone so don't bash me for my opinions. :)

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