Friday, September 25, 2009

Hands Down Hottie of the Week

so that was fun..googling pics of hot guys instead of doing the important things...

like laundry...

anyways...its friday
time for the hands down hottie of the week award...

so who gets it?

We started the week with Taylor Lautner...I have had this on my desktop...I kept getting distracted by all the muscley goodness...and had to replace it with something a little less distracting


then we had some friendly rivalry

Taylor: I hate you, you sexy bastard
Rob: Yeah, I know..I'm so damn SEX-AYY

Castle...even if he does read boring books

He's got enough sense to man up and admit when he's him extra kudos in my book

Then hockey hunk, Rick Dipietro

psht..'nuff said

Hottie Vamp

oh Stefan, you were so hot last night...all dark and broody and showing up your history teacher whom your brother (thank freaking god) killed..he was annoying..thank Damon

And about worth the wait..I would so re-do the summer, all anxious to see what happens just to relive that shower...

I think my heart stopped for like six seconds


So...who's the hottie of the week?



  1. oh man, I have a three way tie: Rob, Rick and Stefan (what is his real name by the way??). I just can't pick just one so I'll take all three and you can keep Taylor and Mcsteamy k.

  2. lol Sam...I want them all...Stefan's real name is Paul Wesley..he played in Army Wives earlier in the season as an army dude..totally hot

  3. Ummm...Much as I love to support the hockey hotties, my vote goes to McSteamy. Seriously, I needed some defibrilation after that scene...And that word sounds so naughty when you say it after thinking about that shower scene.



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