Friday, September 25, 2009

hot dayum (emphasis on the yum)

Season Six started last night...
(spoilers ahead)

its okay..I'll take a moment and wait for you to do your happy dance...

ok..the best part of Grey's??


But last night was sad...George died :(
Callie had a mental break down
and the Chief went apeshit

Psht..that's normal for an epi of Grey's

But the very BEST part of last night's epi

Wow that was loud...

what you ask?

the echoing sound of thousands of women's jaws hitting the floor

dayum, dayum, dayum

I don't know what he's thinking here
but I can imagine that whatever it is

its dirty

me likey

1 comment:

  1. Me likey too. Me likey long time. Me likey all night long....hahaha



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