Saturday, January 30, 2010

Marital Discord

Neither of us is sleeping
Lying back to back
Blood shot eyes are weeping
The place from which we are
We both question
How we fell so far
Eyes drying up now
They weep no more
As we both reach for
The bedroom door
Faces pale
Skin ablaze
We speak no more
Distant memories trapped in haze
So say goodbye and close your eyes...
The nights not over
We've still got time
For one last kiss;
A long goodbye
A weighted heart
Leaps at joy
As it realizes it, too, will miss
A long hot shower
And loud called sharing
Footsteps trodden at an earthy door
It begs its keep, a lover's farewell
Pleads to keep
And make it well
Eyes are closing
They see no more
Loves unending journey
Has closed the door

* * * 
I am by no means a poet but sometimes the mood strikes and I have to write something down that is so weird it makes no sense to any one besides me...this is one of those things. For those who don't understand here is a run down of my nonsense

These are words about two people who are in a relationship and its just not working despite how hard they've tried to make it work. But the person speaking wants it to work, or at least she thinks she does, but the truth is they've both gotten so far from where they were that don't even know one another anymore. So they do the best thing they can, they say good bye and move on. 

Make sense?

Copyright 2010 by Nicole Jensen as Common Law Literary Property

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