Monday, February 1, 2010

The Things I'm Grateful For..the February edition

A few days ago a friend on Facebook posted a list of things she's thankful an effort to be a better person and find the silver lining in life, even when it sucks I have decided to follow in her footsteps and list everything I am grateful for each day...

So here we go:

Feb. 1 - I am grateful that my husband found a way to save us some money each month, him doing that means I can go home and see my family later this month, which I am excited to do because I haven't seen my mom and dad since 2007 and I haven't seen my sister since this time 2008. I miss them all terribly.

Feb. 2 - I am grateful that after a rough start to the day my daughter found her courage and refused to be dragged down by petty, lying people. I know it must have been hard for her, but she did it and I couldn't be more proud.

Feb. 3 -  Today I was grateful to meet another mom who celebrated her faith in the Lord without shoving or preaching. It will be nice to have a person like her in my life.

Feb. 4 - I was grateful to be able to buy food today. There are many people who go hungry everyday and I'm grateful to not be in that situation. I pray relief and help comes to those in need.

Feb. 5 - I am so grateful it's Friday. It's been a long week and I've spread myself a smidge thin. It will be nice to relax and spend some time with my favorite people.

Feb. 6 - It was nice to see my daughter invited to a birthday party. It was also nice to not feel awkward while we were there. I'm grateful we had a good day.

Feb. 7 - Hard to find something to be grateful for today. My husband quit his job. If I have to be grateful for anything I'm going to say I'm grateful for the challenge to be better.

Feb. 8 -Grateful that I was only sick for part of the day. I felt better by the afternoon, which is a huge plus over feeling sick all day.

Feb. 9 - Still sick, still worried...still looking for a way to make everything okay.

Feb. 10 - Grateful for the awesome crafting ability. Made Valentine's for Bree's class, recycled yarn and saved money.

Feb. 11 - Shallow yes, but grateful that my favorite FF reader is back. She's very kind and very funny and I throughly enjoy reading her reviews.

Feb. 12 - Grateful that I finished another chapter of Unattached, also grateful that my husband loves me so much, loving the birds he bought me for Valentine's Day. They are adorable.

Feb. 13 - My husband made me coffee this morning and my daughter loaded the dishwasher. I appreciate their effort in helping the household run more smoothly and efficiently (lol, coffee makes me run period, so it was great of Steve to make a pot this morning). I am grateful for their help. 

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