Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine

 This is my daughter, Bree...she's a total goob and a great lover of having her picture taken. Yes, she is sitting on the room of the log cabin, no I do not approve, and no I didn't pay for it. If I did I would have been pretty peeved to her tiny heinie up there. I still don't want her up there, but I figured, hey I'm out here, she should be okay.

I was supposed to be working on my garden, rather the wild bushes that were growing along the side of my house and beginning to make their way into the dryer vent all the while keeping an eye peeled for the giant creeptastic spiders that like to lurk in the dense under brush of my yard.

 From atop her rooftop perch she scouted for spiders. Not like she could see them from all the way up there, but eh, who cares...I need all the help I can get. :)

 Well, I finished and told Bree if she wanted to be on that roof she needed to put on some play clothes before she ruined her school clothes. She changed and climbed back on the roof. This is the look I got.

 Here in Florida, it's been pretty warm lately. After sitting on her roof for about twenty minutes, she decided she was hot and needed a dip in the pool. Five minutes after sitting in water cold as ice cubes, she got out to "tan" and sip some mountain dew. I love this picture.

After being outside for a bit, the hubs decided to come join us. He took my camera and snapped an impromptu photo. Cut off half my head, but I'll live....what you can see of me is hilarious..I look like a goob.

 This is my next favorite pic...she looks so pretty and sooo much older than her seven and a half years...which scares me...I don't know which I like more..color, or black and white..
 Please join me in side splitting laughter...i have NO idea why she made this face, but she did and it makes me laugh in tiny giggles whenever i look at it..

That's was, if there ever could be a such thing, a pretty perfect day...anniversary was husband bought me flowers AND jewelry..which he never all our four years of marriage the only jewelry he's bought me was my engagement ring and my wedding ring. I told him I would have liked pinking shears, (because lets face it, if you sew you NEED pinking shears..) but no, he wakes me up this morning with a gold chain with an emerald heart on it and matching was great..and so happy Thursday...hope you all have a great Friday and a great weekend

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