Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paint With Me Thursday: Mood

Simply Feather

this weeks theme was to explore a "mood." I had a really hard time with this, because one day I was happy, another i was ecstatic, scared, anxious...the list goes on and on. So I did a few different things...I did a computer doodle the other day to express my love to my husband, our four year anniversary is today and I looove this song: I And Love And You by The Avett Brothers. That's where this one came into play:

the whole thing was made using different photoshop elements 7 brushes. It's pretty simple, but I'm much more adept at making stuff with photoshop than I am with a pencil and

 I did this the other day because I was irritated...I was aiming for a rose, but my husband and daughter said it looks like a each their

and "real" piece for the week...I think it covers the whole high/low thing I've had going on this week.

I know its hard to read...I really need to fix my scanner (the glass part was broken when we moved..I stepped on it but shh don't tell my husband) but the head stone says "Here lies the ghosts of all the things you will NEVER be able to have" and the girl (if you can tell she's a girl) her thought bubbles say "it will be alright....they're called dreams for a reason"

and there ya have it. To see more art please visit Simply Feather

til next week!


  1. I like all your art here in all their different styles, it does really show your moods. Nice!

  2. I think, as women, our emotions are always all over the map! Luckily, men seem to be very even keeled. It balances things out nicely, I think. Even though I sometimes feel the desire to shake my husband and yell "Would you show some emotion already! Something?! Anything?!"
    I like how you used different mediums to show the different moods!

  3. man, is jen right! moods change like the wind, and trying to convey them all can be exhausting. it's important to just take them one at a time. i like the array of moods you shared. you captured them well. i like the saying on the headstone. i guess that expensive sewing machine i'm longing for would be buried there, right next to the ipad!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love all three of your mood art pieces. I can totally identify with your illustration. So true!

  5. love the rose. i do see rose. looks like an unopened bud being pushed over. weight? wind? definitely moody.



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