Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunflowers & Naughty Kitties

Meet my furry child with four legs. His name is Chip and he is my animal pride and joy. 

See how sweet he pretends to be? 

Don't be fooled...he's just as naughty as my seven year old human child. 

The other day he headbutted, yes headbutted the door so it popped open just enough for him to get out and wreak havoc. He's an inside cat, but lately he's been pretty hell bent on getting outside.

Well he successfully got out, disappeared for five minutes then reappeared in our backyard and tore through the garden I just planted. I was so angry, all my seeds were wrecked. Luckily for Chip, I bought two different kinds of seeds:

Lemon Queen
 Mammoth Russian

I planted the lemon queen in the ground, the mammoth Russians I planted in home made seedling pots (I got the idea here).

 They've been outside for the last few days and today I went out to get something from the yard and decided to take a peek (even though they're supposed to take 10 - 14 days to germinate, and it's only been 5 or so...{soak your seeds for 24 hours before planting and they germinate faster...either that or its the magnificent Florida sunshine}) and they are growing!

Not all of them have come up yet, but quite a few have. I get so excited when  my plants grow...I like taking something basic, i.e. seeds, yarn, fabric, and making something from practically nothing. It's a feeling of accomplishment.

So to my bird-brained cat I say "ha ha" and to my green thumb I say "woo hoo!"

What are you  growing?

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