Monday, April 12, 2010

Tunes I heart this week

Music pretty much rules my life. When my husband's at work and Bree is in school, I pretty much spend my days doing one of three things (or a combination of these three things) they are:
  1. Surfing the 'net
  2. writing
  3. searching for and or downloading music

This week I've had the pleasure of discovering some pretty gnarly artists whose music/songs I am in love with. I'm kinda behind on some of these artists or songs...I like to discover music in my own time...normally when I find a song it defines my life at that moment, even if the song is from if you've heard of these songs carry on and maybe some day I'll have something you haven't heard of. Oh and I have musical not be alarmed if you see Lady Gaga and Umbrellas on the same list...I'm weird like that.

10. Danny Gokey. His song, Tiny Life is pretty much the best song ever. We all remember Danny from American Idol last year and if you didn't watch then shame on you..he pretty much ruled AI last year...forget Adam Lambert or that dude who won (see how great he is I can't even remember his name {and what's even sadder is I have his CD} lol). He went the country route but really doesn't have the twang you associate with country music singers. I guess what makes him country is that slide guitar thing-a-ma-jig...but whatever...Tiny Life is an awesome song.
Best line:
I'm not sure where it's all going or what it all means, but sometimes I think it's just a simple thing. I close my eyes and I realize all I really need.

9. Tegan and Sara. I found them a few years ago when Grey's Anatomy featured one of their songs...I'm not really a fan but I love their song The Ocean. I saw some word art with the lyrics of the song on it and I liked it so much I googled and found the song. It's catchy in an annoying sort of way..if that makes any sense.

Best line:
Well I know what I want,what I want is right here with you

8. Corrupt by Depeche Mode. I heard this song last summer when HBO previewed the upcoming season of True Blood but I could never find out who sang it. Then I saw some YouTube video and this song was playing in the background.
I feel dirty every time I hear it, so much so that I almost want to take a shower, almost being the operative word in that sentence (lol almost meaning if I didn't have to pay the water It's slinky and sexy and dirty wow...

Best line:
I could corrupt you, it would be easy, watching you suffer, girl it would please me.

7. For all the music I have there is so much that when it plays I honestly scratch my head and wonder where the hell it came from. Did someone send that to me? Was it part of a soundtrack? St. Lola in the Fields was one of them. I was writing a chapter of a story and the song Unless started to play and I was like what the hell is this, but the song is so great I didn't care where it came from..

Best line:
I know what I'd do, but I don't think I should. I have love for you. Just so it's understood I could make you mine, make you hold me close, make you lose your mind. But I won't...Unless you want me to

6. I haven't seen the new Alice in Wonderland movie, but its soundtrack is pretty freaking phenomenal. It has so many great songs. One of my favorites on the soundtrack is Painting Flowers by All Time Low. I pretty much love them anyway so its not surprising. The whole soundtrack is great, if you get a change to give it a listen I highly recommend it, its one of the better movie soundtracks I've heard.

Best line:
When I wake up, the dream isn't done, I wanna see your face and know I've made it home. If nothing is true, what more can i do? I am still painting flowers for you.

5. Muse. Never been a fan, but the lyrics got me on this song so I gave it a chance, turns out this guys is pretty much a lyrical genius. Nikki is way jealous of his skillz...and he's got some cuz I spelled it with a z. Resistance is pretty much an awesome song. It's got a sorta Romeo and Juliet feel to it.

Best line:
Is our secret safe tonight and are we out of sight or will our world come tumbling down? will they find our hiding place, is this our last embrace?

4. Daniel Merriweather. VH1 and their you oughta know dealio is like, the best - when they update it. Daniel was one of their you oughta know artists. His song Red is pretty spiffy. I don't know where he's from but his voice is amazing.
 Best line:
I can't do this by myself, all of these problems they're all in your head, and I can't be somebody else. You took something perfect and painted it red.

3. Faber Drive. No one told me they came out with a CD last year (guess I should follow them on twitter or facebook then I would've known, huh?) and so I got it and gave it a listen. Um, hello...this CD is pretty awesome. My favorite song would have to be You and I Tonight Forever is the reminds me of being a teenager, but it also reminds me of being an adult and looking back on the things we loved and captures that feeling of unrequited love perfectly...not like I know much about unrequited love, but really, that's neither here nor there...awesome song...

Best line:
Time goes by, but still I find can't keep you off my mind, I'll wait forever, it's better late than never

2. Ok Go is a new find for me. I listened to their new CD, Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky and instantly fell in love with WTF? The title is hilarious and the song is so damn catchy you wanna boogie when it comes on, and if you watch Fox they show it when they preview Bones and Fringe

Best lines:
I've been trying to get my head around what the f*ck is happening. 
Ooh, I don't know what to tell ya, there's just this thing about ya

1.William Fitzsimmons. Where have you been hiding all my life? I LOVE YOU! I have heard his songs After Afterall and I Don't Feel It Anymore (probably from a CW show...i.e. One Tree Hill). Well I was watching 16 and Pregnant (I know, I guilty pleasure) and they played one of his songs called Even Now...LOVE IT!
Best line:
 How long should I wait before I let you go? How long should I decide? Whose side should I take when both of us were wrong, when we both share the blame.

So to recap:

10. Tiny Life by Danny Gokey
9. The Ocean by Tegan and Sara
8. Corrupt by Depeche Mode
7. Unless by St. Lola in the Fields
6. Painting Flowers by All Time Low
5. Resistance by Muse
4. Red by Daniel Merriweather
3. Forever by Faber Drive
2. WTF? by Ok Go
1. Even Now by William Fitzsimmons

What are you listening to? (tell me so I can steal your awesome music songs then rave about them kidding)

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