Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thanks & Hugs to Lifetime for....

Finding an author whose works I haven't read and showing her movies pretty much on repeat all day today...I appreciate it...not that I don't love Nora Roberts and not that I don't love Nora Roberts movies....but after seeing Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes get it on or Ivan Sergei and Emilie de Ravin get it on every time its Nora Roberts week on Lifetime....well, after a while it gets really old. Really.

So wooty hoo to the powers that be at Lifetime for hooking it up with Patricia Cornwell at her novel/movie At Risk.

On  another note my knee is killing me which means its either going to rain or I need to take an aspirin and I got to buy my favoritest stuff in the world today...YARN! lol...and I got to replace my worn out size 8 knitting needles. I am now the proud owner of a spiffy pair of purple AND the yarn department of Wal-Mart had the yarn I needed to finish Bree's camouflage blanket that is taking forever to crochet. I should probably take some pictures to document the progress...

Nothing much going on in my world was YOUR Saturday?!

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