Friday, April 2, 2010

Who are they?

In a recent post here, someone made a comment about not knowing who Stefan and Damon Salvatore or Sam and Dean Winchester were.

(Pause for dramatic

And I thought well hmm...not everyone is a cornball like not everyone likes uber handsome but-oh-so-devilishly-bad vampires or all that supernatural nonsense...I do however love all that corny nonsense. So this here post is a glimpse into me...

Once upon a time a author named L.J. Smith wrote a book called...(dun dun dun!!!!) The Vampire Diaries. I think book one is titled The Awakening, I say think because I haven't read it. One friend said it was kind of lamespice, another said it was good but it made her hate the show. Whateverspice, its all good. I didn't read it because I didn't want to. But back to the matter at hand. This fall the CW converted it into a TV show starring Paul Wesley as the ever broody, totally smexy Stefan Salvatore..aka the good brother.

Now at first I totally loved Stefan because Damon was a dick. Until this episode: The Lost Girls, where he pranced around on some structure in the house looking delicious (it didn't hurt that the song was awesome too, Anberlin's remake of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence).  He might not be everybody's cup of tea, but he makes fun of Edward Cullen and Twilight and New Moon which totally cracked me up..yes I am one of "those" people..aka the ones who like Twilight and all that jazz..but it was still funny...I'd take the Salvatore brothers over Edward Cullen anyday...'nuff said.

So anywhoo, this is Ian Somerhalder as the viciously delicious Damon Salvatore, aka the jerky brother...

I'm not sure what exactly the point of the show Stefan's in love with a girl who looks exactly like his ex-vampire girlfriend Katherine, who was a skank and slept with both brothers. Damon's been looking for her and Stefan just wants to be a normal teenage and, like, be angsty and broody and makey-outey with Elena, the chick who looks like Katherine. It's entertaining and they sucked me'm such a drone...

Moving on to the next part of my post..Sam and Dean Winchester...(huge dreamy fan girl'm 27 going on 10..but shh don't tell, it'll just be our little secret). A friend of mine turned me on to Supernatural..gah I don't even know how..I think there was a Thursday night when nothing was on but Supernatural so I started watching was like, um hey, this Sam guy is way I rented all four seasons and went nuts. The rest, as they say, is history.

So for starters we have Jared Padalecki aka Sam Winchester aka "I swear to all that is Holy if I EVER see you walking unguarded down the street I will utilize the super spacious trunk of my smart little Focus and kidnap you."

for realsies.

And then Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester...he's a cutie too, but in an abrasive

                                Dean                                               Sam

Ignore the puzzled expressions, it's a screen shot from Thursday's'd look confused too if you were standing in Eden talking to Joshua and he told you God decided he didn't care anymore...that and their cast photos are from like, five years ago..and it looks like Sam hasn't had a haircut since then. If anyone out there in cyber space knows this dude...please, beg him to get a haircut..the shag-a-doo is so not working for

So there ya have it. Stefan and Damon, Sam and Dean...all in all that equals a damn good Thursday

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  1. Wow, after all that, I am sad to say, I'm not sold. They're not bad, but I'm not swooning. That's probably good, though, because I'm already watching way too many shows! Thanks for answering my question, though!



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