Sunday, May 16, 2010

Creativity sparks

where those who are willing to listen find it. for me, creativity comes from just about anywhere. it came when i was in an interview. the interviewer made a comment about a photographer who was really good at what he did and seven different connections sparked in my brain. i had to bite the inside of my lip to keep from chuckling like a fool.

music is my main source of creativity. don't know why but that's how it happens.

other times my creativity comes from a very different place. it comes from my daughter. back when i was writing Full Circle, I had to add a chapter because without it, there was a huge hole in the plot..and I hate plot holes. I tried writing several different versions of that chapter and then my daughter made a comment while we were watching Twilight one night. She was making fun of Edward and Bella kissing and she goes, "I'm going to kiss you face like there's no tomorrow." I was like, hmm..that could totally be a line in a story..well, with some tweaking.

I used her line and wrote, in my own opinion, one of the sweetest, fill-in-the-hole chapters ever. It was awesome...and if the story is ever good enough to send out to publishers, she will always have that line in that story.

A few nights ago we were all camped out on the couch watching a couple episodes of Lost season one, and some of the characters on the show found some wreckage from the plane crash and there were some dolls - broken and dirty on the ground and my daughter goes, "I wonder whose dolls they are," and I jokingly said, "they're the monster's dolls." she laughed and said, "mommy, monster's don't play with dolls."

After we stopped laughing about it (which was shortly after my husband gave us looks that said, "um be quiet, I'm in the middle of an hour long love affair) I was thinking about it, the phrase "the monster's dolls."

Well I wrote it down because that's what i do and i chewed on it because that's what i do...if i write it down there's something last night I sat down with a pen and paper and thought about it..what the heck could "the monster's dolls" mean. Obviously someone who wasn't necessarily a monster, but not a good person, someone who used people...then the idea a butterfly coming out of a cocoon for the first time...right now The Coast doesn't seem like it's working out so maybe this will...should be's a very dark concept that has some real life woven into get my therapy where ever I can.

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  1. AHHH!! So...yes, "The Monster's Dolls" sounds amazing! And once more I'm left hanging. I need to know more!!!

    I love ya, girl, Hope all is going well for you.



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