Friday, May 14, 2010

Take Time to Realize...

  • I do not ask how you are so you can ignore me..thank you so much for making me feel like scum of the earth...I appreciate it
  • I don't care if you ride my ass all the way down 9-A and all the way down is not going to  make me speed fact it's going to make me slow down just to piss you off...if you don't like it, get your butt in the other lane and go around me..oh and say hello to the cop or state trooper who's waiting up ahead to give you that ticket...I will point and laugh at you as I drive by. Petty? You bet your ass it is, but you totally just got what you deserved.
  • That those SOLID white lines on the bridge mean NO CHANGING LANES! I don't care if Grandma Verne is going ten miles an hour over the bridge..that bridge is scary! You swerving out of her line and into mine is scary too! Just because you have a huge gas guzzler does not make it okay. Thank go choke on a twinkie
  • That men are sissy's. Really. I'd like to see the male members of our government run heels. Remember that song, the one where it goes, "anything you can do, I can do better, I can anything better than you?" Yeah, that's the one...dear men of this world, "Anything you can do, I CAN do better...want to know why? Because I do it in heels." kthnxbye. 
  • that karma is a bitch. To the lady who made me lose that sale because you couldn't shut your big fat mouth, I hope you trip and fall. Thank you for making me lose the extra money I could have made on that..I appreciate it.
  • Paramore is the best band in the world to listen to when you're stuck in traffic. For real. They have a way of making it seem better. It can also be made better if you point and sing at the guys in a pick up truck next to you at the light...well maybe you shouldn't point..that offends some people.
yes I just complained in was a sorta crappy day..I was attacked by my coffee...attacked by my anxiety especially hard today...going to work was definitely a chore...and it's not the actual work, its getting there..I have car anxiety...driving is not easy for me...I freak out unecesarily and its emotionally I had a bad case of it. But the day is over, tomorrows another day and all I can do is thank God I made it through this one in one piece.

Off to watch some dvr'd tv while Bree plays with her friends..

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