Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My Mom & Dad used to watch this back when it first started...I missed a bunch of episodes and thought it was a dumb show...I thought this because so many people were all "OMG did you see Lost?" or "Did you hear about what happened on Lost?"

I hate bandwagons and try to avoid them...seriously...yes I ride the Twilight bandwagon, but I found out about it before it got as big as it did...but anyway...The final season is currently in progress and unless I'm mistaken the series finale is this I decided maybe it was time to find out what all the hype was about.

I asked Steve if he was interested in watching it (I wasn't going to waste my time if he wasn't) and he said yes, so we got the first season from the video store and settled in for a few episodes.

He was immediately, not so much. I thought it was stupid - a bunch of people stranded on an island after a plane crash...oh and don't forget the mysterious island monster...then toward the end of season one it started to really draw me in.

We finished season one and zippy quick picked up season two. I can now say it is official. I am undeniably addicted to Lost. We have seven episodes left in season two and let me tell is taking every bit of restraint I posses not to watch without him..our poor TV has never felt so neglected..I swear, it hasn't been turned on in almost a week. (We watch the episodes on my computer...our DVD player has a boo boo or ten lol).

My DVR is full of shows that haven't been I turned the TV on today for the first time in almost a week to listen to some music as I cleaned...(and this go to show just how obsessed I am) I turn it to the music channel and I start picking up stuff. Well I carry a handful of pony tail holders into my room and when I come around the corner I see in the bottom, left hand corner of the screen a bluish-green box with the numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 42. Now if you watch Lost you know (probably more than I know) what those numbers are for...if you don't..well start watching and find out. Then they disappeared..I was like...Okay...Either I'm going nuts and I just imagined that, or it for real just happened.

I grabbed the remote and rewound the tv...then took a pic to make sure I wasn't nuts. lol..nope, not for real happened.. for real hurry up 12 so Steve can come home and we can finish season two...

And last but certainly not least...Happy Birthday to my bff Jenn...she's a lovely 24 today! Enjoy it babe and I hope you have a great day! love you!

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