Thursday, May 20, 2010

Paint With Me Thursday: Dandelions

Simply Feather

Well hello again...seems like it's Thursday once more...

This week the theme over at Simply Feather was dandelions (which totally made me utterly happy...dunno why...just I managed to tear myself away from Lost (my new favorite hubs and I are on season three) to do some drawing this week. 

They were supposed to be white...but that wouldn't have worked out so just roll with and as you can see the hubs fixed the scanner *fist pummel* *yessss!*)

So that was my drawing for the week...Steve and Bree were like what's the theme and I said (the way I say it) dandy-lions and Bree thought I meant a  spiffy this was for her and I am utterly embarrassed by my shoddy drawing no laughing okay...well you can laugh a little..

A "Dandy" lion..
he's supposed to be wearing a tux or a I drew it and even I don't know what the heck he's wearing. 

To see more dandy art, please visit Simply Feather


  1. i think the lion is quite good! ever read the book by don freeman?, cuz you're not the only one with that idea!

  2. I love the Dandy Lion, you can definitely tell he is wearing fancy clothes!

    And your painting really captured the floating of the seed fluff. Nice.

  3. i love how the way we say a word can make it mean something else. so fun to see another perspective! whatever you call them, dandelions or dandy lions...your drawings are great!

  4. Your lion is quite dapper! Made me laugh, because I almost drew a cartoon "Dandy Lion" myself. (I linked to you in my post. Hope that is ok)

  5. Cool yellow dandelions! I was so with you on the Dandy Lions idea. That was one of the first things that came to mind. So fun.



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