Friday, May 21, 2010

Season Finales

As far as season finales go this year...most were pretty far...Castle was so-so, Supernatural was so-so...Vampire Diaries was far that's all I've seen....right now I'm watching the Grey's Anatomy season finale. 

Um...hello writers of Grey's. I worship you.


These people know how to write a season finale. For realsies. I mean, think about season finales..the finale where Denny died a few seasons ago...EPIC, the finale where George got hit by a bus...EPIC...and now distraught husband of a dead patient running around the hospital shooting people...EPIC..I mean its not epic ppl are getting shot...but the drama and intensity is seven kinds of epic

oooh and they love me..hello Eclipse preview! Why yes, yes I am excited to see you.

Now I better scadattle and finish getting ready..I'm going to be late for work..

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