Saturday, May 8, 2010

People Watching

So I started a job on Friday. I work in the mall. (EEk) I stand at a kiosk and harass people all day. Yes, that's correct, I'm a salesperson.

Go ahead, its okay, go yack or something...I'll still be here when you get back...


So, like I said...I work in the mall is kinda (psht...I'm lying, really) ghetto. Like, for reals. But it's all good. I like to people watch while I'm supposed to be working. There is a men's suit store kitty corner to my kiosk. Most of the time a middle aged man stands in the doorway. He likes grey suits (blah) and there's a woman who works there. They are the bees knees to watch. I wrote them a story (if you've seen Date Night, it's kinda like what they do, if you haven't seen that movie please find a way to see it...its seven kinds of hilarious..I laughed so much I almost peed myself...almost..) well the man and the woman are having a secret love affair..but shh don't tell.

Then in the kiosk next to mine there is a guy who looks like this guy's not so hot brother:

Just saying...he gives me dirty looks..or at least I've convinced myself he gives me dirty looks. So I ignore him and go about my business.

So feet are KILLING me (they are blistered and I have a stupid fire ant bite on one of my toes) heck, everything is killing me. I think I'm going to lay down on the couch, curl up with a cozy blanket and watch The Wedding Date (sqeee! I heart that movie) and pass out.

Happy Mother's Day to my mommy readers. Have a great weekend!

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