Monday, May 10, 2010

A Quickie

And you bet your ass I mean that in a dirty way ;)

I found this totally awesome site that let's you create stuff like this:

totally nifty right?

well I thought so...anywhoo...I'm supposed to be getting dressed so that when Steve gets home we can go harass the bank for the proper forms so I can set up my direct deposit at work...speak of the devil..I have to work tonight and have the world's grossest blister on my pinky's very red and very angry's really going to hurt after tonight...maybe I should wrap a band aid around tight that it cuts off the circulation and goes numb...if it's numb it won't hurt, right?

lmbo...cut to: 12 hours from now, me, racing to the hospital because my toe is a lovely shade of purple...or blue...

and speaking of's getting...better, I's probably going to take a few more days to completely get over the shyness and the whole "I can't do this" feeling...I hate not knowing what to do...for those who don't know...I work in the mall, for Olan Mills and I'm supposed to stand at this little kiosk and harass people...I suck at it...well maybe not suck, but I'm definitely not good at it...

I keep telling myself that I'm biding my time until I can go upstairs and only have to deal with people who already want their pictures taken and have come to see me.

Wow this was supposed to be short and sweet and has turned into a total bitch-fest...

okee dokee world...I'm outtie like a bell button..

P.s. the new Nightmare on Elm Street was boss...Freddy was a little lamespice (definitely not as scary as the original) but it was a good remake...not really a remake remake..more like someone else's take on the story and characters...I recommend it. And Leap Year...meh...same old, same old underlying story line..I mean it was cute...but I felt like I'd seen that movie a million times before...just goes to show that when you've already made it in Hollywood nobody cares how original you aren't..welcome to the machine...

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