Thursday, June 10, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp Day Five: Grow

Today’s Creativity Boot camp assignment was to let the phrase “grow” inspire you. Here is my work for the day.

Growing, Growing, Growing, Gone
We grew apart. That much was clear in the way she looked at me. I secretly wondered if she had met someone else. If she did, it wasn’t obvious; there were no missing chunks of unaccountable time, no longing looks across rooms when we went out.
Maybe it was just me. Maybe I was just boring, maybe she just outgrew me.
Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe we outgrew each other, maybe she thought I was having an affair, or I was boring or I outgrew her.
The truth was though; I missed her every single second of every day. I liked to come home early from work and stand in the mudroom, listening as Susan cleaned, humming along as she ran the vacuum down the hallway, or scrubbed the bathrooms. I liked the innocent way she was when no one was around.
It made me long for the days of old, when we would drink red wine of the porch in the early evenings of the summer or take random road trips where the destination is unknown.
I sighed when I really wanted to scream, though screaming would have been unsuitable for a man. So I stayed quiet and just sat back and let forty years of marriage circle the drain.
Destruction was easier, especially when you had no idea how to fix the problem, let alone what the problem was.

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