Tuesday, June 29, 2010

why i heart bradley cooper

steve and i are watching this movie called the midnight meat train...well imagine my surprise when a few seconds after it starts and who should appear?

Oh yeah, bradley cooper.

He is one of my top fav actors lately. It all started when I saw the hangover. i thought it would be stupid...haha i was wrong. it was a riot and it had bradley cooper in it who was...a. hot as sin, and b. funny as hell.

then he popped up in that horrible movie valentine's day...yes it was horrid...but that's beside the point..here are a few reasons why i heart him...

1. He's not afraid to play a gay dude and make out with eric dane...again, valentine's day horrid movie but his character was sweet

2. he's funny...i love funny men..adam sandler, kevin james, russel brand (i have a huge funny dude crush on him)..

3. hello eyes...'nuff said

4. the man is fluent in French...FRENCH! if that doesn't make you heart him leave..now. (jk)

5. the A-Team trailer...

so yeah..there ya have it...i heart bradley cooper.. :)

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