Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Phase Fics review of The Ties that Bind

Official Summary: After a bitter divorce, Bella moves back to Forks to put the pieces of her life back together, find love again and get over something that’s been haunting her for the last ten years.


kennedymommy3s Thoughts
Suspense + romance; know what that equals? A very anxious km3. But it’s cool, I can deal. But it also equals a totally awesome fic called The Ties That Bind, by twilightsgrace23.
Bella, as always is sorta awkward, but for good reason, I believe. Jacob, well he’s always there to take care of his damsel in distress. I know, I know, everyone’s like, ‘we need different Jake and Bella fics’, or ‘they’re always the same thing’. But before you start clicking your tongue, or scrunching your nose up, or doing the famous eye roll, give it a shot, I promise you won’t be sorry.
So, Bella moves to Forks with her daughter Callie – who at first seems like a spoiled brat, but not so much later on – after she divorces ole’ Eddie Boy, and moves into her dad’s old house. Who should be her hot next door neighbor and also Chief of Police to her little home town? None other than the beautiful and ever so tasty Jacob Black. Mmmmm, yummy.
Everything seems nice in the quiet town of Forks, but Bella has a past here. You know, one of those ‘I ran from this hole in the wall town and never planned on coming back because of the f’d up stuff that happened here’ pasts. If that isn’t bad enough, she starts getting weird phone calls from some creepy stalker dude that likes to breathe into the line like some horny teenager.
Bella confides in Jake about her past and Jake tries to help her with her problem, resulting in him becoming a target for the totally deranged weirdo after he and Bella start getting closer to each other.
Who’s the crazy psycho, you ask? Still speculating that myself. Will there be some juicy lemons on the horizon? I don’t have the answer to that, but twilightsgrace23 has never disappointed before, so I doubt she’ll start now. What’s going to happen to our favorite helpless, pale faced beauty? What’s going to happen to our favorite native hero? Well, you’d have to read to find out.
Over all, I think twilightsgrace23 has a way with words in this AH fic that will keep you coming back for more to watch how the sexy, uniform wearing Chief Black kisses and licks and sucks all of the pain out of Bella’s life in The Ties That Bind.
Check it out, if you don’t like it, then you can have my lovely ass on a platter. But that won’t be happening, so no worries. Let them know where you find it, and happy reading.

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