Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another feel good moment brought to you tonight by fanfiction

I don’t want to be one of those people that other people hate because it always seems like good things are happening for them because, while good things happen occasionally, bad things happen far more often in my life.
But when the good things occur, they are worth their weight in bad things. Basically, a shit ton of bad things happen, but when the good things happen they are totally worth waiting for.
Lately,  a few good things have happened. Yesterday, an awesome reader wrote an awesome review of one of my stories. Today, another story was nominated for an award within the community I write for.
The story, Full Circle, is the saddest damn story I’ve ever written or read. How pathetic is that, my own story makes me cry like a baby for its mama. Maybe that’s what makes it good- the fact that I invested so much into it emotionally.
Or maybe I’m full of shit.
Either way, it’s awesome to have my work recognized and rewarded.
So check it out, that’s me down there in the Highest Hanky Count (Saddest Story) with Full Circle by none other than me (twilightsgrace23).

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