Thursday, September 2, 2010

My purse

Steve likes to say I carry a lot of junk in my purse and that he's amazed I'm not a hunch back because of how heavy it is so I decided to see if I was the only one with lots of stuff in my here it purse.

See, it's not too big and not too small..I'm kinda like's just right. 

take a quick peek inside...doesn't look too bad..right?

And it's not...if you would've asked me yesterday you might have gotten a different picture...(I had a notebook, a couple of CD's, a few bottles of water and a whole lot more stuffed in there, but today, this is all I had. Here it is for ya:

1. Work notes and a Starbucks coffee cup cozy thingy. 
2. Gum. 'nuff said.
3. Lip Gloss, lip stick, and carmex. 
4. A mini pocket knife. Hey you never know when you might need something on there..especially when you work in Jacksonville. 
5. Giant sunglasses. Yes, I will be the first person to admit I think girls who wear them look like insects...HOWEVER they fit over my glasses...beggars can't be choosers.
6. Wallet. Like that even needs an explanation.
7. Water/tea bottle. I guess that got thrown in there in my haste to escape from work tonight. 
8. Cell phone.
9. Tylenol...without it I'd have quit my job months ago. 
10. Pennies!
11. Pens. And yes, I totally need that many. Most of the time they wind up in my hair.
12. Bobby Pins - essentially to anyone growing out their bangs. 
13. Hand sanitizer..again, my job can be grody...neeeed the hand sanitizer. 
14. Am I the only woman in America who carries around a full size bottle of Victoria's Secret body spray? Probly...why? I have an overwhelming paranoia about smelling funky...alas the body spray (Noir Tease by Victoria's Secret)
15. Lotion. Okay, it might be normal if I had one, small bottle of lotion...but I have two. One stinks (the little one)....twilight wood's smells so much better. (Twilight Woods by Bath and Body Works, and Moonlight Magic by Bath and Body Works)
16. Last but not least....a hairbrush. I don't have perfect hair...and if I went to work without one I'd look like Big Foots long lost sister...for reals 

So there ya have it (not like you really cared) that's what's in my purse. Now show me what's in yours!

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