Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Romeo and Juliet vs Paris and Juliet

Dear William Shakespeare,

First, let me just tell you that I love your mind.


I'm sitting here watching Baz Lurhmann's take on the classic love story and I can't help but wonder what's so great about Romeo that Juliet would give up everything to be with him. I mean, Paris....what's wrong with him. Was she simply being defiant? Did she refuse to marry Paris because it was what her father wanted, did she choose Romeo because she knew, essentially, it would piss her father off, and what would have happened had she chosen Paris?

Part of me likes to think that had Juliet chosen Paris, they would have married and lived a long and boring life together and by her choosing Romeo, they had this discreet and forbidden love affair that ended with life's greatest adventure - death.

I wonder why Shakespeare chose to write it this way...I guess that's one thing I'll never know the answer to.


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