Monday, August 30, 2010

Something Strange Happened Today

The air here tonight was was warm, but the breeze was cool. Bree and I went for a walk around the block and around the corner from my house (well more like right across the field) is a saddle club...sounds way more grand that it really is. All the saddle club really is, is a large lot of land, and a couple of fenced off rings for riding.

As we were walking by it, I found myself seeing it differently. Normally, I would walk or drive by the club and it was just a piece of land that was in desperate need of a landscaper at best, either that or a lawn mower. But tonight, I saw it differently. I saw it like I was looking at it through the lens of a camera. There was a large old tree nestled in the overgrown grass which was billowing gently in the cool breeze that would make a fabulous backdrop for a photo...

It was the first time anything like that had ever happened. I'm not sure if it's important or if it means anything, but I think that, maybe, it just might.

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