Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Three Sweetest Words in the English Language

Sure as heck aren't "I love you."

Well, of course they are..but if you're football fans, then they're "Sunday Night Football."

Which, (excuse me while I go shriek like a teenage girl hugging a Jonas Brother) is on might be a Hall of Fame game (of if you ask Steve an "exhibition" game), but either way I don't even is football and exhibition games mean real games start soon.

I wish I could have gotten Steve on camera when he stumbled upon the game. He stood in the living room going, "football! football! football!" I thought he was talking about a commercial or something and then I heard it and I was like "woo hoo, now my crappy day hasn't been in vain."

Yes my friends, football makes everything all better.

For reals.

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