Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some things I think you should know....

these songs are ridiculously awesome...Next Girl by The Black Keys and Love The Way You Lie by eminem..the video for Next Girl is hilarious..the singing dinosaur and the disclaimer at the bottom is so funny...and, well it's violent, but really, what do you expect? It's eminem, he's gritty and violent and angry and that's why we love him.

moving on, i had a photo eval today, basically where one of my managers storms my studio and literally picks apart ten of my sittings (sittings are photoshoots). Well, he picked apart ten of my sittings, eight of them were spot on, one was bad and another was just flat out terrible. the whole point of a photo eval is for us to see what we as photographers are doing wrong, what we are doing right and where we can improve. i learned a lot. i learned that the back light and hair light occasionally hate me and want to ruin my pictures, i learned that i take too many pictures (secretly scoffs at the notion, how can one take too many pictures?) and that i pose well, and have good attention to detail. i learned that i'm not as bad a photographer as i thought, and i learned that i have the ability to be phenomenal at my job. so that being said, i passed my eval and get these cool little points (basically you get so many and you move up. right now i'm an amateur photographer, after i get so many points i move up to the next level.)

then tonight on my way home from work, i got this awesome idea for a story. it all started a few weeks ago when i got florence and the machine's cd lungs. there is a song on the album called howl

(in case you want to experience the awesomeness personally)

however, this song inspired the idea. its obviously an idea about a werewolf, but i haven't written it yet because quite honestly, werewolf story lines are completely cliched and overrated right now. so i stashed it in my head, working and reworking the details. finally, it came to me, the way to make a werewolf story not so cliched and overrated. Once monster-face goes back to school next week, i can start taking my computer to work and start working on the story line, the plot, all that fun stuff.

aside from that, nothing much else going on. monster-face goes back to school on monday, turns 8 the following monday...and that's (really) about it. oh yeah, i almost forgot...harry potter and the deathly hallows part one looks UHHHMAZING. srsly.

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