Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A much needed Tunes I heart update

So it’s been waaaaaay to long since I've done a tunes I heart post....mostly because there haven't been any tunes I heart enough to pass on to you, but lately the music industry has decide to bless me with some awesome tunage so, as always, I will now pass it on to you. So here we go, 15 songs you may (or may not) have heard of.

1. Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars.
Used in the promo for ABC's new show, My Generation, I've been hearing this song for the better part of the summer. I finally decided to download it and I LOVE it. So you should too. 
JK, love it or hate it, that's your prerogative, either way, check it out.

2. Toxic Valentine by All Time Low.
On the soundtrack for the controversial movie, Jennifer's Body (and I say controversial because some liked the movie, a lot hated it. I found it decent. And Adrian Brody in eyeliner was, in the words of main character Jennifer, extra salty) this song is awesome, partly because the soundtrack for the movie was epic, and partly because All Time Low can do no wrong in my eyes. With catchy lyrics and hooks like this:
She bites her lip and tips her bottle,
I take a drink cause the truth is hard to swallow.
Oh, oh, oh

Sex and white lies,
Handcuffs and alibis,
She lays her halo on the pillow where she sleeps...
Her heart beats, red wine,
My toxic valentine.
 What’s not to love, so check it. 

3. Inevitable by Anberlin.
Welcome to my new favorite obsession. "I want to be your last, first kiss." Seriously? If you didn't just swoon, bug off. Add to that, Stephen Christian, double swoon. Yes, Anberlin, you can be my last first kiss, ANYDAY. Moving on now...

4. Impossible by Anberlin. 
Okay, I warned obsession. 

Take what you want from me
It means nothing now
Take everything from me
It means nothing now
Not so easy to forgive, harder to forget
Take what you want
Tell me you've never felt that way and I'll tell you you're a liar. Moving on.

5. Art of War by Anberlin.
The other day Steve and I went to Starbucks (ahhhh) and I was listening to this song and he asked me if it was old because it didn't sound new. For the life of me, I coudln't figure out why he thought that, then I went listening to their discography and I found out they did a remake of The Cure's song, Love Song. Then it clicked. After listening to Anberlin's new cd (gotta love Youtube baby...and leaked cd's) I realized it kinda sounded like The Cure. Not a whole lot, just a smidge. Anywhooo...the reason I LOVE this song is the chorus:
There are songs, I'll never write,
Because of you, walking out of my life.
There are words, that don't belong,
Because of you, I'll never write another love song.
Now, because it’s getting late, I’ll give you the last ten without any who-to-do. So read, go listen, and tell me what you love.
6. Dog Days Are Over by Florence And The Machine
7. Cosmic Love by Florence And The Machine
8. Kiss With A Fist by Florence And The Machine
9. Out Of Focus by Kari Kimmel
10. The One That Got Away by Katy Perry
11. Through The Trees by Low Shoulder
12. Misery by Maroon 5
13. Just A Feeling by Maroon 5
14. Hold My Heart by Sara Bareilles
15. Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles

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