Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some things....

Lately I've been thinking about a lot of different things about my life and how dissatisfying it is (most of the time.) I have dreams just like everybody else, aspirations, things I want to do and somehow, I never seem to go after the things I want. I am content to just sit back and let life pass me by.

Well, the things I've been thinking of lately involve (mostly) my writing. I know a lot of writers who have never finished a single novel that they've started writing and would kill to be able to say that they have finished a novel. Then I look at myself. I've finished four. Yes, I've written four novels and I've never attempted to publish any of them. So I decided that all that changes. I'm going to be 28 in a few days (15 to be exact) and I decided to go on a sort of Julie & Julia meets NaNoWriMo journey.

Basically, over the next two years, I want to write a novel, then edit the crap out of it to make it as awesome as possible, then attempt to have it published. Just for the simple fact of actually doing it. I'm tired of being afraid of the unknown. It's like Steven Tyler says, dream until your dreams come true. So I'm gonna dream and I'm going to make my dream a reality.

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